Next Level Footballers Academy is an elite, goal-based training program


We bring current professional players and top coaches to share their expertise, experience and passion for the game. We help players gain a competitive edge and become more well-rounded athletes by focusing on technical and performance training of the individual. Our training is intended to be supplemental to a player’s current team training, with our focus always on individual improvement whether it be a private, small group or team session.

  • Learn from Proven Professionals

  • Club Neutral

  • Individual Focussed

  • Private Facility

  • Soccer Culture

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Diverse and expansive network among clubs, collages, universities and professional teams



Private training sessions are ideal for addressing a specific weakness that may be hindering the progression of the player, whether that be self-analyzed or coming from a coaches critique. This one on one session allows laser focused time on a specific area needing improvement.



We believe the best learning environment is in a small group setting. This allows players an opportunity to have a wider variety of drills, while still getting individualized focus. Equally valuable, are the chances to see peers in coachable moments. We encourage friends and teammates to form their own small groups for focused training that a normal team practice simply doesn't have time to address.



Goalkeeping requires skills and training that often don’t get the time and attention in a team setting. Schedule with one of our keeper coaches to work on position specific training to excel in this position.



Bring your entire team for additional training at our facility, our your home field. We will deliver a focused session, or series of sessions, based on a collaborative evaluation of the team’s specific needs. This is a great opportunity to offer a new voice to the existing training regimen while working around the team’s current schedule and goals.



Our weekly clinics cover rotating game scenario topics. Players can expect high repetitions with coaching points from the perspective of all positions, for a complete game readiness mindset. The clinics are meant to be additional, drop-in training for our players as their schedule permits. We offer a free clinic to each new player as it gives an opportunity to meet us and see our facility.



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