Our mission


Our mission is to become the trusted leader in soccer player development by inspiring and challenging the individual to reach their goals through expert coaching and a positive culture that promotes better people, not just better athletes. 



Our Philosophy


At Next Level, our focus is on making the individual a complete player. We understand each player is unique and is in a different position on their football path. We pride ourselves in helping our footballers bridge the gap of where they are, to where they want to be. We understand because we’ve been there. Our staff is comprised of current and former professional soccer players who have navigated the path to the highest levels of play. We are well-equipped to guide our young footballers through the process to reach their individual goals. While we emphasize precision, repetition and practice for the player, we know that more than football skills make the person. For this reason, we also are passionate about building confidence, character and mentality of a true professional, including how to be a leader, good sportsmanship, and strong values.



Our Values


Commitment & Determination

We set our minds to accomplishing our tasks, goals and promises even when it becomes difficult or our mood has changed.



We set clear and specific goals and work to achieve them. We don't just talk the talk.


We progressively develop through consistency. There is always room to improve.



We will have self-control over our bodies and minds to complete the tasks required to reach our goals.